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Driver CPC information.

Who needs the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence? It’s a question that should be easy but it has become difficult. There are many exemptions, many excuses for not requiring the CPC. You cannot rely on what other drivers say about it, if you think you are exempt, it is advisable to ask. Contact the DSVA to make sure you need/do not need qualification. DO NOT rely on hearsay. Your licence will be at stake. Transport’s Ticking Time bomb is near, September 9th 2014, are you ready to continue driving?

Here at Transport Training Solutions we aim to make courses as interesting as possible, with courses designed to cover incidents that you face daily. We hope you leave us with the knowledge that you can say you are a Professional Driver.
Driving a Commercial vehicle IS a profession. Are you that Professional driver?
Transport Training Solutions aim to get you to that standard. You get to that standard by being informed and trained from the Driver CPC.

Driver Assessment.

Transport Training Solutions have Assessors that are trained to SAFED standards, and can give you full reports on your drivers. It is fast becoming necessary for Companies to have their drivers assessed for insurance purposes. Let us help you here with reports for your drivers and remain compliant.

Operator Compliance.

Traffic commissions are active in ensuring Operators take the Licence commitments seriously. Many Operators have not upgraded their Licence since they first took the Certificate examination. They were not aware they had to, how are the Operators expected to keep in touch with the fast moving industry without Continued Personal Development in respect of your Licence. Many drivers coming on CPC courses say, 'Why is my manager not aware of these requirements?' Transport training Solutions can help here. We can arrange a visit to your Operators Centre; compile a report for you with recommendations on how you will become more compliant. Contact us for details.

Transport Training Solutions Ltd

We have many more areas of interest for the transport industry; why not give us a ring to see how we can help, you are only a call away to Compliance information.

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Other Services

We offer a full range of Transport management consultation, Transport Managers, Evidence trail documentation, advice on risk assessments, Tachograph analysis, reporting systems and many more. You can have full confidence in Transport Training Solutions for your one stop advice.

Quote from JAUPT audit report

"This is a well run centre with good training facilities and well delivered courses. All feedback from customers has been very positive and I was very impressed by the standard of course delivery which I observed today. Ron is positive about the quality assurance of his course presentations and the running of his business."

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We provide Driver CPC Periodic Training approved training courses